Wednesday, November 16, 2011

almost perfect

Katcher, Brian.  almost perfect.  New York: Delacorte Press, 2009.  Print. 


2010 ALA Best Books for Young Adults
2010 Capitol Choice Noteworthy Book
2011 ALA Stonewall Children's and Young Adult Literature Award


Still upset over his last break-up, Logan avoids dating until a new girl shows up at school with a big secret.


Logan’s life is far from perfect: 

  • Just a few months ago his girlfriend Brenda broke up with him…after she cheated on him with another guy.  Hopeful they would get back together, Logan has been waiting around for her (literally: waiting for her to get off the bus every morning).  He's starting to realize now that it’s over. 
  • Logan’s sister moved out to go to college.  While they used to be really close he doesn’t get to see her that much anymore. 
  • His mom is gone most of the time because she has to work so many shifts at the diner just to make ends meet. 
  • And he’s still living in the trailer he grew up in, the same one they lived in after Logan’s dad left.

All Logan really has to look forward to is his upcoming graduation and hanging out with his friends.  But when a new girl, Sage, transfers to his high school at the start of senior year Logan’s life starts to look a little better.  After all, it’s small town Boyer, no one new ever shows up and on top of that Sage is funny, smart, quirky…almost perfect.  Except Sage has a secret she can’t risk anyone finding out about.  And once Logan discovers what it is, he doesn’t want anyone to find out either.

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